Welcome to My Hitch!


"I think this is fantastic.   I would actually do this.    This frees up my hands to drink a coffee and talk to Tucker on the phone,"  

Clayton Morris (Fox News)



As Seen on Travel & Leisure, Today show, Huffington Post & Gizmodo

Enjoy hands free travel.  My Hitch is especially useful if the gate is far away.  Carry coffee and talk on the phone, while your luggage follows behind you.  You can easily make U-turns.  
You can carry one roller board weighing 25 lbs. or less.   My Hitch is designed for travelers wearing a belt or a tight waistband.  Travelers without a belt have enjoyed using My Hitch by either wearing their tightest pair of jeans or a tight skirt.  Moving My Hitch to one side makes it fit tighter.   Try it out at home with your full luggage.

Invented by an Airline Pilot.

Patent Pending