FAQ & Tips


How far can I walk with my bag using My Hitch?

There's really no limit.  I've walked 2-3 miles demonstrating my product around Miami Airport.    If I wasn't hungry, I could have walked more.

Can I turn around with my bag while using My Hitch?

 You can make a U turn or even walk in circles, if you want. 

Can a person be either too tall or too short to use My Hitch?

In our tests, it worked well for travelers whose height ranged from 5’0” to 6’4”.     

Will My Hitch work with any luggage handle?

My Hitch is designed to work with a standard luggage handle—two upright bars with a handle in between.     

Can I put other bags on top of my roller board?

My Hitch is designed to carry one roller board weighing 25 lbs or less, by itself.     We recommend against placing even a jacket or purse on top.   Since, it could fall off or be stolen.

Am I more likely to bump into other passengers using My Hitch?

    Since the bag is behind you,  you fit into traffic better than if you were carrying your bag on one side.   Just like when you are carrying your bag, if its crowded than you need to pay more attention to your surroundings.   I've never had a problem

     At nearly all major airports, passengers walking to the gates tend to be on one side of the concourse, and those walking to the exits will be on the other side.    Though in JFK, there are areas where traffic is too chaotic for me to use it

After I’m done using My Hitch, how quickly can I remove my bag?

 It’s quick and easy, for most people, to remove their luggage handle from the hook.    It should take no more than 2-3 seconds.

Won't using your product cause your pants to be pulled down?

If you are wearing an elastic waistband, then it certainly would.   However, the product works well with either a tight waistband or a belt.   Women had success with My Hitch by using either using a tight skirt or their tightest pair of jeans.    Try it out at home with your full roller board.

If I put My Hitch in the middle of my back, I won't be able to see my bag.    Could someone break into my luggage without me noticing?

Even with your bag directly behind you, if someone tried to unzip your bag, you would definitely feel it.    Another option is to wear My Hitch off to one side, and glance at your bag every so often as you walk.    

When you carry a bag, does My Hitch dig into your back?

You feel almost nothing in the back.   Though with each step, you do feel a slight tug on your waistline.

Can I use My Hitch anywhere?

My Hitch works well on paved surfaces that are level, or close to level--like you find at airports.   It will also work on the kind of carpeting you find at many airports. It’s not designed to work on dirt or paved surfaces that have an incline or decline.

 My Hitch is designed for walking, not running or horse play.




Tips for using

You could either wear My Hitch in the middle of you back or off to one side.   Wearing My Hitch in the middle allows you to walk more naturally.   Pretty soon, you'll forget you’re at an airport and feel like you're strolling thru a mall.

Those who want a tighter fit could either wear My Hitch off to one side, or, if wearing a belt, could tighten the belt one notch.  

Tips for storing

After you arrive at the gate, you will need to store My Hitch.  Remember, you may need to squeeze your bag in the overhead.    So, place My Hitch somewhere that it wont be affected.